®Penteract Audio Guide Uploader
How to upload files - Simple Instructions Create a folder to contain all of your content. (You can download an example folder hierarchy.) Within that folder create a folder for each tour you wish to offer your visitors. The name of a tour's folder will be the name shown to visitors. Within a tour's folder create a folder for each exhibit. Exhibit folders' names must be numbers. They do not need to be consecutive. An exhibit's folder may contain the following. (They are all optional): An audio file called audio. An image file called image. And a text file called text.txt of which the first line will be shown as the title, and the rest as text. Leave the first line blank if you don't want a title shown. You can also include a text file called TTS.txt (for: text-to-speech). If an audio file is not present, the audio guide will speak the text in this file. At the moment only English US is supported. Please break paragraphs into separate lines in order for the visitors to be able to skip inside the exhibit. Download Penteract Audio Guide Uploader from the Microsoft Store, and sign in with your uploader password. (Which you will receive from your museum administrator.) Finally, drag in the folder containing all of the above to the uploader app. When you are finished, keep the folder for future updates as every upload needs all of the files, not just those that were changed. After uploading the folder, log in to the code-creator app with the negative of your museum's number, and create a permit code. Use that code in the Audio Guide app itself to tour the museum with the new files. Only after you have verified that it is to your liking, publish the changes by clicking the appropriate button on the uploader app. Using our services and software is dependent on accepting our site's TOS/EULA and the special terms for this service. More Information