®Penteract Museums - Start Here
After contacting us and receiving a museum number and an initial reset password, download the uploader app, run it, and click on "I have a reset password".

Enter the museum number and the reset password you've been provided and create an administrator's ("admin") password. If unused, the reset password will expire in a week.

Log on to the uploader app with your newly created admin password and create an uploader password and a representative ("rep") password. Then log out.

Create a folder with the content you want to upload as described here.

Log in to the uploader app with the uploader password and drag the folder you created into the appropriate box. You can then click on the publish button to make the content go live, and then log out. If you prefer to test the uploaded content first, proceed as follows.

To test the uploaded content before publishing, download the code creator app and log in to it using the negative of the museum's number and the rep password that you've created. Then create a code and use it on the audio guide app itself. If you're happy with the outcome, go back to the uploader app and publish the content.

To let visitors take a tour, log in to the code creator app with your museum's number (if you're logged in with its negative, first log out, then log in with the positive number) and rep password and create codes for them.

If you need assistance or would like to recommend a change in these instructions, please contact us.