®Penteract Where Was I

Penteract Where Was I™ constantly tracks your location so you can see where you were. Find where you parked your car, where you might have left your bag, etc.


No need for Bluetooth!

No need to tap when you park!

Privacy - Data is kept encrypted on your device. You can stop tracking and can delete the data stored at any time.

Privacy - Optionally asks for authentication every time the app is opened.

Does not use your mobile data for tracking.

Creates a new pin every 10 seconds if you've moved more than a couple of feet. You can then choose which pins are shown. Whether every 10 second pin, every 3 minutes, an hour, or 12 hours. So you can easily find a location. (Changing the interval between pins does not delete the pins between them. You can change back and forth between intervals.)

Tap a pin to select it and see the pins before and after it. Or use the Back and Forward buttons.


Penteract Where Was I relies on satellite reception and therefore might not be able to trace your location indoors, or do so with reduced accuracy. Also be advised that even in optimal conditions GPS has limited accuracy.